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Thinkgenix LLP is operational in India since June 2019. Thinkgenix is working towards multiple verticals that include Product Development, PCB and Hardware Designing, Embedded Systems, IoT Platform, Case Designing and Molds, Robotics, Education and Training etc. We hold our online sales for multiple portals like Amazon,, Flipkart, Shopify etc, under the brand name of Makergenix.

Since the beginning, Thinkgenix has been able to put a strong hold in the market with its relevant competitors. We are the technology partners with SB Components, UK and our products are globally acclaimed and covered in leading tech articles and magazines. New projects are constantly under development.

Thinkgenix has been able to design the empowerment of the STEAM academics and education for India. With our successful programs and worldwide workshops and trainings, our mission is to enrich not just every child, but the faculty and the teachers with the knowledge of STEAM. We also specialise in providing the STEAM Education based institutional workshops and trainings for corporate, colleges and schools including the custom designed curricullums. We have successfully conducted the trainings in different countries like the UK, Kuwait, Antigua, India and more.

Our Services

Our Mission
We at Thinkgenix, are determined towards the best products, services and training. The products developed at Thinkgenix are focussed towards the consumer principles.

Our Vision
In order to make technology for everyone, Thinkgenix has been working to make this possible with it’s every move. Our vision is to put the power of digital making into the hands of people all over the world.

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Why Choose Us

Thinkgenix is the registered reseller of the protective cases for single board computers and micro controller boards from SB Components, UK.
We develop cases for all models of the Raspberry Pi 4, 2, 3, Zero/Zero W etc.
Our designers are experts in producing robust, functional and elegant cases that protect and augment technology platforms.
Thinkgenix is a team of skilled manpower that contributes towards the STEAM Education. We help the members of the makers community by training them for different micro-controller and single board computer. We conduct several curricullum based trainings and provide complete support.
In addition to the standard product range listed on this site Thinkgenix will also undertake bespoke case and electronic component projects. These can range from the addition of logos, or changes to colour/materials of existing products to the creation of completely bespoke engineered from scratch products.

Our Partners