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Our STEAM based educational kits help you kick-off the programming right from the beginning.

STEAM Center

Raspberry Pi12+ successfull products

Micro:bitCurriculum based kits

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Who we are?

Thinkgenix is the next-gen technology for everyone. A team that works smart and hard to provide the best of its services in the technology sectors like the hardware, software, PCB development, IoT platforms, Automation, Single-Board Computers etc.

Thinkgenix is one of the youngest and most promising service provider amidst the other similar domain companies in India. We specialise in Embedded Systems, Open-Source platforms, Software, Design and Development etc.

Educational Kits

Educational & Training

Get benefitted by the outstanding and easy-to-learn curriculums that shape the future of programming.

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Product Development

Product Development

Indulge yourself into the pool of ideas where one can take their imaginations beyond the limits.

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Experts in handling the everyday technology that touches every life.

Leaders in bringing innovation to life with easy to use products.

Keeping up with the times by designing and developing smart products.

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